About Us

Headquartered in Princeton, NJ The Supply Chain Knowledge Co. is a Supply Chain Management science and software company focused on Agriculture and Health and Life Sciences. We bring innovative solutions that result in efficiencies in operations for mid to large farming operations, smart applications that deliver value to the end user and analytics that shape how our customers view their industry.

Our team collectively offers more than 3 decades of local and international Supply Chain experience across various industries.

We see significant challenges and opportunities in the agriculture industry both locally right here in Princeton, NJ as well as across the globe. From the most common problem to the most complex, we apply breakthrough technologies with the goal to make it simple for our customers to use and for the end user to adopt.


Why Agriculture?

At SKC we believe the breakthrough’s in technology are abundant. With the proliferation of cloud-based, mobile technologies, big data, social media, and digital disruptions, we firmly believe we can apply technology to address local, global and macro issues that abound in the most ancient industry – agriculture.

For more information please contact: alex.cardona@scknow.com

Why Agriculture?


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Our products are complemented with decades of experience in consulting for large fortune 500 companies and now we are redirecting our efforts to help small mid and large agriculture operations.

We build simple and scalable business applications around supply chain operations that bring efficiencies to the operation while complying with safety and other regulations.

We maximize time to value when implementing new technology via our cloud based solutions. We leverage our partnerships to shape the right solutions for our clients:

Technology Products:

  • grainschain (deployed in emerging markets)
  • farmbrain    (launching in the US soon)
  • carrotroute.com  (in blueprint phase)

For more information please contact: alex.cardona@scknow.com